Richard Hilty's Vocal Exercise DVD $29.95

This DVD is designed to help you build and improve your voice, increase you vocal range, and improve it's quality and beauty  It represents 35 years of teaching experience in New York City working with top professional performers. On it you will find a series of exercises specifically designed to work step by step from an easy vocal workout to more advanced work All exercises are in full video and I actually accompany you as we do the exercises together.

There are those who would tell you that their programs will make you an instant singing sensation. That kind of hype may sell DVD's for some, but I would never make such exaggerated claims. Experienced professionals know it takes time to build and develop a good singing voice. That is why, along with this DVD, you also receive a LIVE Webcam or Telephone Session at No Extra Charge.  During this session I will answer any questions you may have regarding the exercises and/or your specific vocal problems. In addition, as you work your way through the exercises, I will always be available to you, by email, to answer your questions at no further charge to you. And, you can always set up further webcam or telephone sessions if the need arises.

As you do the exercises with me you will learn to understand your voice. You will become more aware of vowels and how important they are to healthy and free singing. You will  learn how consonants can help or hinder the freedom of your singing. You will learn how to blend (mix), the head and chest voice and master the break and you will learn the correct way to breath. Breathing correctly is the basis for all singing.

 The DVD includes over 100 video exercises including:
     Support Exercises   
     Breathing  Exercises.
     Head Voice Exercises.
     Chest Voice Exercises,
     Consonant Exercises.
     Vocal Line Exercises. 
     Vowel Work.
     Blending Exercises (mixing)   
     Falsetto Exercises (for men).   

Be sure to mention whether you are male or female. Don't worry about voice type, i.e. high or low. The DVD is designed for both. 

Still have questions? Call me at 970 667 7593. I'd be happy to answer those questions.  

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